My journey began when I noticed a lot of other people my age having orthodontic work, I loved the results just not the look whilst the fixed braces were on the teeth. I booked in to see John Bates at Station House Dental & Implant Clinic. The staff were lovely and very helpful and showed me other options that were almost invisible. I opted for Invisalign as liked the idea of being able to take them out for special occasions and that they were clear.


After 2 weeks of my initial appointment my clin check, which is a computerised picture of the possible outcome once my braces had been completed, was here and I could see how my teeth would look if I went ahead with the treatment. I was happy to continue and 2 further weeks and my aligners had arrived. I had my first set fitted and was given another two sets to take home with me. The first set was slightly uncomfortable and took some getting used to but after two days or so the discomfort subsided, I recommend having some mild pain killers handy as these helped a lot. After the first set each set got easier to wear around set 9 I didn’t even notice the change of aligners. I’d wear each set for up to two weeks before changing them and saw Dr. Bates every 6 weeks so he could check on my progress. After 4 months of treatment I was able to have my attachments taken off and got my retainers (I opted for the viviera retainer from Invisalign which I’ve found very comfortable) everyone has noticed a big change in not only my smile but my self confidence. Before having orthodontics I rarely smiled as felt my teeth stuck out a lot but since having my braces taken off I cannot stop grinning. I would 100% recommended both Invisalign and Station House to everyone, it has changed my life.

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